A Spring Garden Engagement

Check out this sweet Spring engagement photoshoot with this fun couple. They are so cute and goofy together! This garden was a perfect location for their engagement shoot. I love the variety of backdrops in these pictures. For this Spring engagement shoot, love was certainly in the air. Also, how cute are the last four pictures of the couple at their new house?! So sweet; they told me that their house number, 21, stands for two become one!

“Brian proposed to me on Christmas Eve 2011. He completely surprised me! I was up near my parent’s place that night at a Christmas Eve service at a little country church with my family. Brian was with us before that at my parents house, but he tricked me by pretending to leave to be at his parent’s place for Christmas the next day but it turns out he stuck around. During the service, my younger sister Amy handed me a card, which was from Brian. It was really sweet and romantic inside and said at the bottom “see you soon”. I was confused at first and thought that Amy had handed me the card at the wrong time. When I clued in I ran outside of the church onto the front steps (wearing slippers haha!). It was a beautiful winter night and snow was softly falling. Brian pulled up in his car in front of the church steps, got out, and promptly knelt down on one knee and proposed to me. Of course I said ‘yes’ and was so happy and excited! After we spent some time together, I ran inside to tell my family! It was a very special night.”

These lovely pictures were taken at Cullen Gardens in Whitby, ON by Glenda Travis Photography.


A Playful Engagement Paint Fight

Jamie proposed in May 2012… just three days before I was leaving for Colombia for six weeks! I guess he wanted to get his claim on me before I met charming Spanish men 😉 He proposed by recreating our first date. We both dressed up, and then we went to the restaurant where he rather shyly asked my parents if he could have permission to date me. After dinner we walked around a local park just like we did four year previous. It was so sweet! Then we went back to his house and he led me into the backyard where he had candles and paper lanterns set up on a table. He then played me a video that he made of pictures of us while we were dating put to our favourite song (You are the Best Thing by Ray LaMontange, which later became our first dance song). Then when it finished, he got down on one knee and proposed!!! The first words out of my mouth were “Are you serious? Is this real?” Thank goodness it was! I was bawling the whole time after he proposed, but I didn’t even realize it. After a few minutes I said “Wait, I’m crying”. Jamie just laughed.

The funniest thing though was that about 5 minutes after he proposed, his mom yells out the window, “Have you done it yet?” Haha! Imagine if he hadn’t yet. I would have been like “Done what?!?”

It was so sweet and perfect! I was so clueless the whole night. I thought he was just doing all of this because we wouldn’t see each other for six weeks!

Jamie and I like to have fun, and what could be more fun than a paint fight as an engagement shoot?

Our pictures were taken by our friend Zac (PictureThisImages) who also took our wedding pictures. Check out our wedding pictures here.

Hope you have fun perusing through our engagement photos (but you probably won’t have as much fun as we did taking them).