A Sweet and Stunning Golf Course Wedding

I honestly can not stop looking at these wedding pictures! Everything about Katelynn and Nick’s wedding is absolutely stunning; her dress, the bridal party, the golf course scenery, and the carriage ride. I can’t get over the part about the Katelynn’s town all chipping in to make this fairy tale wedding happen. It is so sweet.

Check out their gorgeous pictures taken by Lauren Stinson, who is a friend of Katelynn. She currently is a student and does not have a website up and running. Her e-mail address is lauren.stinson2@gmail.com in case you are interested in her photography; and trust me, after seeing these pictures, you will be! She such a talented photographer. Her talent shines through in these pictures.

Enjoy this gorgeous wedding and this sweet couple! I love how much fun that they have together. Their love certainly radiates through these pictures.

Bride and Groom on a golf course


Classy, fun, and heartfelt


Our wedding was quite traditional but we also had a rustic feel to it in the location and decorations.

Walking together


Our ceremony was quite traditional as well. Some aspects that made it unique for us was the fact that we took communion together after signing the registry. We wanted to show the spiritual union that happens when two become one in marriage.

Bride and Groom Praying


We had a family friend play the processional called “Song for Sienna” which was a very simple and lovely piano instrumental. Then during the ceremony we had one of my bridesmaids sing “I Will be here” by Steven Curtis Chapman while Nick and I were signing the registry. We exited the church to the song “All of Me” by the Piano Guys. Our first dance was to “Love Never Fails” by Brandon Heath and the father/ daughter dance was to “Cinderella” by Steven Curtis Chapman. At the end of the reception we had a dance floor where we played a lot of fun pop songs like “Happy” by Pharell Williams and of course the classic Macarena.



My wedding gown was everything I ever imagined. I never a wanted strapless dress so the off-the-shoulder cap sleeves were perfect and the lace and beaded details were absolutely stunning. And the best part was that it was COMFORTABLE! The guys’ suits were light grey and the groomsmen wore coral ties to match the bridesmaids’ dresses while Nick wore a black tie to match me. The bridesmaid dresses were actually found on pinterest (these wedding boards actually go to good use!). The dresses were coral chiffon and floor length and could be tied different ways to help flatter different body types. Lastly, our flower girls wore adorable white dresses that had peach bows around the middle.

None of our wedding attire was purchased from big brand name stores. A lot was purchased locally from little hole-in-the-wall stores that we heard of from friends and family or found on the Internet.

Wedding Party


We had a connection through a camp that I used to work at where I got in touch with my photographer. Lauren Stinson was fantastic – she was so much fun to be around and I never had to worry about anything because she was so on top of it all. She also brought along a friend Allicia – who is a photographer from Alabaster Jar photography.They got all of the must-have shots as well as any that we specifically requested. Both were such wonderful women to work with!

Bride and Groom with flower girls

Bride and Bridesmaids

Groom and Groomsmen

Bride and Groom on bridge

Bride and Groom on a bench

Bride and Groom laughing together


The reception was so much fun! My oldest brother was the MC and he did a fantastic job. There was always a game going on which made the evening so exciting. It took place in the clubhouse of a golf course. The whole building was made out of wood and designed like a log cabin, which gave it a rustic feel. We had speeches from both our parents, the maid of honor and the best man. The speeches were just the right length and were really personal. It meant a lot to us!

Couple at dinner

Bride and Groom playing a game

First Dance

Groom Dancing


On each of our tables, we had a card that two pictures on it; one of me and one of Nick. Each table was numbered and the table number was also the number of our age in these photos. Beside the table numbers there were lanterns with candles in them. There were also white lights strung up in the rafters, which created a starry look.

Table Decorations


Our favours were Rheo Thompson mint smoothie chocolates, which are hand made in Stratford, Ontario. They are so delicious – and they are the only mint filled chocolates that I like! We bought tiny white paper boxes from Michael’s to put the chocolates in. We tied them shut in twine and had a tag with “Thank You” written on it.

Wedding favours


The wedding really was a town effort. We got married in my hometown Westport, Ontario – population 700. A place where everyone knows you and everyone is so willing to give a helping hand. The amount of people who showed up to help in various ways blows my mind. My brother’s boss owns horses and a carriage, and that was our ride after the ceremony! People made multiple meals for us, cut flowers out of their own garden for us, decorated churches for us, opened their homes for places to stay; the list just goes on. We are so grateful for everyone and it made our day so much more special.

Bride and Groom in the carriage


I believe this would have really been our family and friends who helped us get everything ready and who supported us that day. But also the many people mentioned above who helped in various ways.


My favourite moment of the day would have been when Nick and I went on our own horse drawn carriage on a little tour throughout the town. We got to spend some time alone during the day together and be paraded through the town – it was truly magical, kind of like a fairy tale.


This day is YOUR day. Don’t let anyone ever take that away from you. It is the one day in your life where it literally is all about you and your husband – it is YOUR celebration. So make the best of it!

Bride and Groom being goofy


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